The Bee's Knees Kit with Online Tutorial

Let's learn about bees! 

Honey bees are fascinating creatures for so many reasons! They are famous for their work ethic, their honey & their social structure - did you know they are also excellent mathematicians?

In this BEES KNEES Ditto Kit, create your very own beautiful hive complete with cute little bees and decorated with wildflowers all made from colourful Ditto oven-bake clay! 

AND... Make Bee Wall Hangings inspired by the whole colony; learning the differences between a Drone, Queen, and Worker bees!  


Included in our Bee's Knees Oven-Bake Clay Kit:

  • 8 pieces of high-quality Ditto polymer clay (50 grams each)

Click here for baking instructions and to learn more about Ditto.

Includes our online tutorial. This kit DOES NOT come with printed instructions. 

You will receive instructions for your tutorial when your kit(s) are on the way (in transit). Please keep an eye on your email!

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