Matisse Colour Master Online Class & Artist Kit


Matisse worked in a variety of mediums: painting, drawing, collage and sculpture! 

Includes 6 hours of video class tutorials, live online support, and bonus Henri Matisse 4Cats Print Book! 

Free kit delivery! Please allow 7 days for delivery. Canada Post is busy! :) 

What Are The Projects?
  • Project 1: Colossal "Lucky the Goldfish"Wow! Learn how to sculpt, knead and build your very own Ditto oven-bake clay Goldfish. And the best part... we use glow in the dark clay! Approx. 8 inches x 4 inches. 1 class, 2 hours
  • Project 2: Matisse Goldfish Painting inspired by everyone's favourite studio fish—Lucky!  Matisse's colours and his invention of the "Fauve" style of painting. (14"x14" acrylic on stretched canvas) Learn why Matisse and his friends were called "Fauvist" painters which means wild cats or wild beasts of colour en français! Fauve painters expressed themselves with bold, undisguised brushstrokes and vibrant colours. 1 class, 2 hours. 
  • Project 3: Paper Cut-outs Triptychinspired by Matisse's invention of painting with scissors. Later in his career, when Matisse was finally too weak to stand at an easel, he began creating his papercuts, carving in coloured paper, scissoring out shapes, and collaging them into sometimes vast pictures.  Only Matisse understood how elements worked together, how colours and shapes could come to life when set in context.  Create a 3-canvas panel tryptic using classic Matisse shapes and colours and top them off with some spring bugs! 1 class, 1 hour.
Matisse Facts
  • Matisse was fascinated with goldfish, and created many famous paintings of his wonderful vermillion goldfish! Matisse is the reason we have our fish "Lucky" in our studios! 
  • Matisse was friends and rivals with Pablo Picasso. They constantly influenced and challenged each other.
  • Though famous for painting, Matisse also experimented with sculpture and cut-out artwork. He called this painting with scissors!
  • Because of Matisse's loud and bright colours, some people really didn't like his paintings. They called him and his friends “Fauves,” which means “wild cat or wild beast of colour.” But, Matisse and his friends didn't mind at all! They began calling themselves Fauvists. They liked the name!
How It Works
  • Tutorial videos guide the student step-by-step through the 3 projects. 
  • Watch our class videos whenever you want :) Kids can create at their own pace, pause, and rewatch! Art supplies included. There are a few basic home supplies you will need like a pencil, paper, and a few others. We will send you a list! 

No refunds, credits, or exchanges. *We are using acrylic paint, vitreous medium and charcoal. These are not washable. Please make sure to do this in a spot where mess is ok. Wear really old clothes too!

* Copyright 2020. Not for commercial, school, or paid program use without authorization. 


Please choose if you have your own brushes to use at home, or if you would like to borrow a couple of ours. You will need one larger brush (size 8 -12) and one smaller brush for details. Please return the brushes to your closest studio when done (return instructions to come!)