Cute Little Sloth


Includes video class tutorials, live online support, and art supply kit!

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        1. Project 1: Sloth Oven-Bake Clay 1 class, 1 hour
        2. Project 2: Sloth Painting 11x14 everyone's love of Sloths! (11"x14" acrylic on stretched canvas) 1 class, 1.5 hours. 
        3. Project 3: Colossal Oven-Bake Clay Sloth Learn how to sculpt, knead, and build your very own Colossal Ditto oven-bake clay sloth in our online tutorial!  (Approx. 5 inches tall) This sculpture uses tin foil armature to help give the clay its shape, which lets us build even bigger creatures, an important skill for sculptures of all sorts! Students will learn all about fur texture. 3 classes, Approx 1 hour each.
        1. Tutorial videos guide the student step-by-step through the 3 projects. 
        2. Watch our class videos whenever you want :) Kids can create at their own pace, pause, and rewatch! Art supplies included. There are a few basic home supplies you will need like a pencil, paper, and a few others. We will send you a list! 
        No refunds, credits, or exchanges. *We are using acrylic paint, and vitreous medium. These are not washable. Please make sure to do this in a spot where mess is ok. Wear really old clothes too!


Please choose if you have your own brushes to use at home, or if you would like to borrow a couple of ours. You will need one larger brush (size 8 -12) and one smaller brush for details. Please return the brushes to your closest studio when done (return instructions to come!)