Hello Everyone!

Our fourth week of videos have been posted. Rousseau inspired tiger painting! Watch videos here

But wait there's more! Week 5's surprise project is available too! Watch video here

Some helpful tips:

  • have a computer close by for you to follow along
  • have a table to work on, covered with newspaper or an old bedsheet so you don't get paint on the table
  • have enough space to lay out your materials and your canvas. The biggest canvas we are using is 14"×18"
  • Light! A well-lit room, either with a window or good indoor lighting, really helps to see what you are creating
  • wear an apron or old clothes to wear while you paint

*Warning!* We will be using acrylic paint which does NOT come out of clothing! It does wash off of skin and hair, and can be peeled/cleaned off most hard surfaces. Protect your clothing and work surface please :)

When you receive your supply kit in the mail, please keep it in a safe spot. You do not want to lose any supplies!


All times approximate and will likely be longer as you may need to stop and go videos.

If students have questions while completing their project

Please login to this Zoom meeting
starting April 28th, anytime between 2 pm and 4 pm Tuesday to Saturday.

If you are signed up with the following studios, please follow the studio's link to their own Zoom.
Albert Park, Kamloops, Nanaimo, Oakville—North, South Surrey, Summerside, Whitby

Please Note: Zoom meetings are for project questions only. This is an instructor online not an administrator or shipper :)

All other questions please email: hello@4cats.com