December 06, 2019 3 min read

Character Collages

Artists paint landscapes, and people, and all sorts of fancy things, but they’ll also paint what they know best of allThemselves! When we paint a picture of ourselves, it’s called a self-portrait. This sort of painting is a wonderful way to show personality and creative style, and as our NEXT project for our Winter Exploratory Art Classes, we are so excited to introduce our self-portrait multi-media painting!

This project is inspired by the famous Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo! Frida Kahlo painted hundreds of self-portraits throughout her life. She used bold colours to express herself and her feelings, and she added things she loved to her paintings, like flowers or her pet monkey! Her self-portraits are known around the world for being both incredibly striking and conveying many different ideas.

With this project, students will get the chance to express their own artistic style as they create a beautiful self-portrait painting in the style of Frida Kahlo. Beginning with choosing a vibrant colour palette, students will also get the chance to experiment with a variety of brand new mediums! Throughout this project, students will create their very own stamps, as well as learn how to craft bright paper flowers and leaves, and even how to create traditional Mexican tissue paper art known as Papel Picado. Students are sure to love all of these exciting opportunities for creativity and imagination, and learning about how to combine and layer different materials to add depth and detail to their creations!



This painting uses acrylic paint as its base, and will also include lessons about brush techniques and colour theory to mix a rainbow of lovely colours. Plus, this project will cover the basics of face drawing, a skill that we know students will be thrilled to learn!

With so many colours and mediums to use, every self-portrait will be truly unique to each artist!

Our winter exploratory art classes are made up of 10 weeks of classes: At the beginning of every 1.5 hour class two projects will be presented by your art instructors for students to pick between and get started on that very day! Depending on the project, students will either continue working on their project the following week, or begin a new project once they are finished! New projects will be presented throughout the 10 week session, with both familiar and new mediums for students to try.

Plus, we love to have parents come into the studio after class for our Gallery Show of all the art students worked on that day! Students are so excited to show off their projects, and we love the chance to talk to parents and answer questions! It is a wonderful time to share in the joy of art.

We can't wait to see you in the studio!

OK, have a great day everyone! We are off to gather flowers for our paintings!




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